Athletico’s Partnership with Chow’s Gymnastics & Dance

Athletico Physical Therapy is proud to partner with Chow’s Gymnastics & Dance and provide physical therapists to help keep athletes at peak performance. Having an Athletico physical therapist onsite ensures rapid recovery from injury and prompt return to action.

Injury Prevention & Training Tips

As the Official Provider of Physical Therapy for Chow’s Gymnastics & Dance, we’re happy to provide the following tips to keep you tumbling:

Free Assessments Offered to All Athletes and Fans of Chow’s Gymnastics & Dance

Physical therapy is usually the thing you are told to do after medication, x-rays or even surgery. But what if the best way to fix your aches and pains is to start where you normally finish? At Athletico, our therapists, the same ones who work with world class athletes, can transform your pain before it progresses to something worse. The sooner you start with physical therapy, the sooner you can start changing everything. It all starts here - with no prescription needed - at Athletico. Schedule your free assessment now!