Nicholas Nelson

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Nicholas Nelson
Boys Level 5

What got you interested in gymnastics?
I was always climbing things and jumping off them when I was little. In gymnastics you get to swing on bars, do flips, and get a lot of exercise.

Who’s been your inspiration?
My coach, Bob. He was really good at gymnastics. I hope to be really good like that too.

Favorite event (and why):
Mushroom. It’s not as simple as it seems and it’s really fun to do.

Favorite food:
Doritos, bacon, pasta with butter and sea salt.

Most memorable meet experience:
When I won State and got All Around.

I like to do gymnastics, play games with my friends, and spend time with my cats.

Personal goal(s):
This season: win All Around again. Future: To get to Level 10 and do gymnastics in college.

P-bars because I learned a new skill (the kip).