Grace Anderegg

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Grace Anderegg
Level 4

What got you interested in gymnastics?  In 2nd grade, my friend Camryn taught me skills during recess

Who’s been your inspiration? My good friends Camryn, Aleah, and Sloan–we all share a love for gymnastics.  We use to go to the same school and are in the same grade.  Every recess we practiced skills on the monkey bars and grass. To this day, we encourage each other to be strong, and cheer for each other at meets.

Favorite event/why:  Bars are my favorite, because I like how tough they make me feel.  My rough hands and rips remind me how hard I have been working.

Favorite food: My Grandpa Anderegg’s malts, especially when my cousins and I get to pick the blackberries and raspberries

Hobbies:  Drawing, writing stories, gymnastics, and teasing my brother Grant

Most memorable meet experience:  My family cheering for me at my preteam rec meet

Personal goal(s):  To make my flyaway on bars

Achievements:  Making it onto team