Ashlyn Short

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Ashlyn Short
Level 4

What got you interested in gymnastics? I got interested in gymnastics because when I first started, it was just something fun my parents signed me up for, but I learned that I loved it and was good at it.

Who’s been your inspiration?  My inspiration is Shawn Johnson. Also coach Jamie for pushing me when I first started.

Favorite event/why:  My favorite event is beam because it’s fun.

Favorite food:   My favorite food is shrimp!

Hobbies:  If I’m not doing gymnastics, I like to swim, play with friends, hang-out with my awesome family. And SLIME.

Most memorable meet experience:  One of the most memorable moments I have at Chow’s is when Coach Jamie told me I was moving to TOPS.

Personal goal(s):  My biggest goals are to go the Olympics or get a scholarship and go to UCLA.

Achievements: I’ve only been doing gymnastics for 2 years and I’m proud of how hard I’ve worked to make it to team in a short time.